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inVerita is a pool of talented designers who can easily integrate into your company’s environment. If you want to have a team of not just software developers, but people who can bring their own creative ideas, you`ve come into the right place.



Before any design ideas are put on paper, the needs and wants of a product’s potential users and the solution your company will provide must be fully understood. We at inVerita Soft are committed to quality research and analysis before beginning UX/UI design on any project.


Of course, once research is completed, a detailed analysis must be conduction to understand the information gathered. We go through a thorough process of analysing your product, audience, competition, and monetization. All of this is to ensure that your users’ needs are met, resulting in a successful product.

Wireframes & Mockup Prototypes

In this phase of the design process, we move from simple wireframes, showing the general layout of your software solution, to full-blown, clickable prototypes, narrowing down specific advantages of different aspects of each design.


Once we have reached this stage as a team, it is time to finally join form and function together. We now can create a product that your users can understand using their natural intuition of how things should just work, rather than reading a complicated instruction booklet. We use reviews from experts, usability testing, contextual inquiries, and content audits to determine if the design we have selected is right for you.

Our Mobile Applications Development Projects

inverita Moodle Education

Moodle Education

An analytics and management tool for schools in the USA based on Moodle. We (and our client) use Moodle as a framework to build many different kinds of learning and education solutions. At times, we simply re-skin the existing project, and it’s ready for delivery. The client is from Miami and has BMW, Stanford, and MIT, along with 100+ other clients using its Moodle solutions, which we develop.

Platform: Web / Mobile
Industry: Education
Cooperation model: T&M


A gamification project based on an SW application. Every day, users get a JS+HTML page, which is generated by our servers, delivered to their android phone, with info and ranking of that user among all other sales agents. Their position on the leaderboard depends upon their sales amounts. If they are on top, they get a reward. On the web client, supervisors can track the progress of their sales agents and manage teams. The best team supervisors get rewards as well. Management can also get basic analytics of their teams’ progress and influence them based on this information.

Platform: Web
Industry: Management
Cooperation model: T&M
inverita Tooseem
inverita Gites Saint Charles

Gites Saint Charles

A cloud-based solution that allows the control of global manufacturing processes with a quick, cloud-deployment mechanism. Simply put, our client offers their end-client a pack of software ready for deployment, the main purpose of which is to manage processes in manufacturing. In other words, the end-client is able to log into their QAD panel and select a process to automate, and QAD will deploy for them the basic package of software needed to automate that process.

Platform: Android
Industry: Management
Cooperation model: T&M
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