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2018 — Year in a Review at inVeritaSoft
2018 — Year in a Review at inVeritaSoft
We are grateful to all our inVeritaSoft team members, customers, partners, and investors who have contributed meaningfully to our mission. Have a look at inVeritaSoft year review.

Our journey as a young tech company in a competitive software development industry has been unbelievably productive. It was blood, sweat, and tears, yet 2018 has taught us how to boost innovation, create unforgettable experiences and deliver high results.

We are grateful to all our inVeritaSoft team members, customers, partners, and investors who have contributed meaningfully to our mission — to be the face of Ukraine to the rest of the world.

“Strong people are those who have a passion for what they do, realize that they are in the right place at the right time. Together they are ready to change the world. They are ambitious and thirsty for constant growth and development. This makes an exciting journey, and along the way, you will always learn something new. I'm glad that inVeritaSoft brings together incredible people, and that these changes are visible from the outside.” — CEO, Zoryan Hudziy.

Let’s take a moment to recollect the past twelve months.

April 2018 - Visiting Fin-Tech Exchange

Visiting Fin-Tech Exchange, the largest financial conference was an incredible opportunity to connect with leaders within our industry. Our representatives held several meetings as well as set up a firm foundation for upcoming successful projects.

May-July 2018 - inVeritaSoft Participates in Workshops and Visits D-Tonalnist Concert

Developers and other people, who work in the tech industry, are incredibly creative, especially if they have an opportunity to show it. At inVeritaSoft, we have our own band called, D-Tonalnist, producing their own original content. Their debut was phenomenal and we can’t wait to see them perform again.

D-Tonalnist Concert

Art Therapy has been one of the most extraordinary events held throughout our company life. After the first workshop, the number of those willing to repeat the experience has significantly increased. But the next time it will be different. inVeritaSoft highly appreciates all the preparation done by Orissa Organista and her reliable assistant, Ivan Poddubchenko.

art therapy

August 2018 - inVeritaSoft Launches a Blog & Opens New Office in Lviv

It’s not a secret that a blog is an indispensable communication channel. It is a place to connect people as well as develop and strengthen their relationships. Through inVeritaSoft blog, we also strive to represent where we are heading regarding technological improvement and showcase the value we provide to our customers.

Our company grew so did the need for a new, bigger, and more comfortable office. Now, we are located near the city center and enjoy brand new office design and its inspiring atmosphere.

September 2018 - Visiting Annual Technology Award for the Chicago Tech

In September, we attended the Annual Technology Award for the Chicago Tech, one of the largest events in Chicago, which hosts multiple companies and investors who have achieved the best business results throughout the year.

chicago trip

October 2018 - Increasing our tech Knowledge

We want to grow. In October, inVeritaSoft had a series of training and workshops on Flatter, Unity, JavaScript, and Android in order to help developers grow professionally. inVeritaSoft is grateful for every member who contributes to the development of the company.

November 2018 - Celebrating the Third Anniversary of inVeritaSoft

For inVeritaSoft it wasn’t just about having a blast. It’s been more than three years of us together and we are grateful for each and everyone who has been a part of our team and helped to build a community we have now.

3 years inVeritaSoft

It was a such good time when we tried to recollect what we’ve been through and plan what is waiting ahead of us. It’s curious, that our world is arranged in such a way that there are dates, and somehow they divide our lives in to parts: Before and After. We can use it and give thanks, say goodbye, or start something new. It’s always challenging, yet this is worth it. - CEO, Zoryan Hudziy

__Clive Lewis, one of the greatest British writers, said, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” 2019, we are waiting for the best you have for us! __


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