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Digest: September 2018 — "... it's All About People"
Digest: September 2018 — "... it's All About People"
When we say "... it's All About People", we highlight that people are more important than processes.

When we just launched inVeritaSoft company and invited our first clients, we earnestly wanted to build the economy as well as the culture where people want to work and live.

During the first year, we had an anchor that helped us define our harbor. "... It's All About People" is the fundamental philosophy that inspired us and made our work full of purpose.

Years have passed. People, processes, and infrastructure have changed a lot. But the main key to success still remains the same. "... it's All About People".

... Thus, I would like to outline what “'s All About People” philosophy of inVeritaSoft culture means.

1. When we say "... it's All About People", we highlight that people are more important than processes

inveritasoft conference

There’s a lot going on right now. This year is the year of efficiency increased by improving business processes inside the company. Growth always involves change.

At the same time, when changing the processes, we always think how people would feel. We don’t accept a new approach just because it’s new. If the new one is worse than the old one, then there’s no need for the exchange.

2. When we say "... it's All About People", we understand that the development of the personality is a way much deeper than the development of the employee.

That’s why we encourage personal development of our employees and newcomers. We believe in the power of a balanced life. Doing our best, we try to cultivate these values in our company environment.

3. When we say "... it's All About People", we understand that employees or partners are equally valuable for us

inveritasoft culture

There are no losers or winners. It just means that somebody begins earlier and understands quicker. If we agreed to go together, then we agreed to respect and help each other, as the success of each individual assumes the success of the entire team.

... We never neglect the ideas and suggestions given by people. After all, a favorable environment and healthy culture is something we create together.

Talking about company processes, I would like to distinguish three key components we worked with in September.

1. Department Integration (Design-Marketing, Marketing-Recruitment, Recruitment-Sales, PM-Designers)

inveritasoft sales department

We’ve been learning to work as one big team stepping out of our small teams. Having a mutual understanding within departments is the key to extreme efficiency.

2. inVeritaPortal

I’m glad to hear about the Portal project progress. We believe that in the near future we will be able to launch the MVP version.

3. HRD and HRO

Now we have HRD (Human Resources Department), which includes HRs, Recruitment, and Resource Management (RM).

These are the changes that take place here and now. To be continued...

...It`s all about People
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