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Digest: November 2017 — Values and inVeritaSoft Philosophy
Digest: November 2017 — Values and inVeritaSoft Philosophy
The company philosophy is the strength of the enterprise that determines what is crucial for development and growth.

Hi inVeritaSoft Team,

It's always a pleasure recollecting what life within the company was like, discussing our achievements and sharing plans for the future.

The company philosophy is the strength of the enterprise that determines what is crucial for development and growth. In this regard, what are you ready to sacrifice for the sake of success?

inVeritaSoft philosophy consists of the Values that are applied practically. By being the main focus, Values have become a cornerstone and without them, we would never be who we are today.

Education and Self-Development

The thirst for education reveals if a company or employees want to become better than they are today. If the company doesn’t invest in education, it just cannot grow.

In fact, all inVeritaSoft departments are developing their skills intensively:

  1. inVeritaSoft Design Team has attended two exciting lectures on UX design as well as started Monday English Standups.

  2. PM Team handled an open training on practicing Scrum, where everyone could try to apply Agile in software development.

  3. Sales Department has also jumped into this bandwagon. Sales Department is the heart of the company. If the heart is strong, then all of the muscles will be able to grow healthy.

  4. TDD training within the inVeritaSoft book club.

design team

Perfection in Every Detail

None of the details is minor. Everything is of major importance. A clean table in our kitchen is as important as clean code.

Here’s what we’ve managed to accomplish in April:

  1. ‘Clean’ project. To better understand and synchronize tasks inVeritaSoft PM Department started having regular Retrospective Meetings. They’re also using Project Charter rule for those Projects to clearly understand the Client's Integrated Workflow.

  2. Company growth is determined by the improvement of the multiple processes. Something that was an innovation yesterday no longer works today.

  3. ‘Feedback 360’. inVeritaSoft created an opportunity for people to be heard.

company growth

Bringing Christian Values into Relationships

We don’t talk a lot about Christian Values, yet we try to live by them. Here I share a few steps inVeritaSoft takes to ensure that employees who work at the company are happy.

We have regular Knowledge Sharing. The purpose of the event is to enhance and build employees skills. PM Department have created a "Team Satisfaction" scale to deeply understand the atmosphere within the development teams.

Scaling Value for Everyone

We either treat each other with respect every minute of our life or we don’t. Our company managers try to be an example for people we work with on a daily basis. It’s not always easy, but it will always be our goal.

Every month I have a meeting with new inVeritaSoft employees. This month people I talked to said that everyone who works here is valued and it can’t be left unseen. Especially if they can compare inVeritaSoft to other companies.

For us, it’s important to hear what others think of inVeritaSoft because only in a pressure-free environment you can develop and create.

meeting with employees

Something More than Just Money

Everyone has an influence. Everyone has potential. We want inVeritaSoft to be the environment where everyone will be able to develop talents, serve the country and society we live in.

To improve the existing institutions in Ukraine we launched ‘inVeritaSoft Foundation’. To put it simply, we want to invest in areas that will help our society grow.

Let our achievements be the driving force for future success!


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