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Digest: December 2018 - Growth and Step Forward
Digest: December 2018 - Growth and Step Forward
“You have very strong people working for your company. And it amazes me! Strong people attract those who are strong. It is incredible."

...Last month we celebrated the third anniversary of our company. It was an amazing time recollecting what we’ve been through and what we are still to achieve. It’s interesting, that the world is arranged in such a way that there are dates and they highlight various events and show us our past and look into the future. It’s a good practice to be thankful for your past and go for the future. It’s always hard, but it’s worth the hype.

Birthday time is a time of gifts and warm wishes. We’ve received a lot of the last months, however, I’d like to highlight 3 of them as I was very encouraged: “You have very strong people working for your company. And it amazes me! Strong people attract those who are strong. It is incredible."

celebration birthday

In fact, looking at our сompany it looks like these words are true, although due to our daily routine these things often remain invisible.

Strong people are passionate about what they do, understand that they are where they should be, and believe that they can change the world. Ambitions and constant thirst for growth and development, natural desire to be the best in Ukraine, Europe, or in the world are those features that belong to strong people. Your job is an exciting journey if you learn something new every day.

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Apparently, it all started 2 years ago when I went to the United States to participate in Global Leadership Summit that takes place every year in Chicago. When I saw the scope of that country, I realized that this is our only further growth path. As of now, I recall a message written to our partners: "We must be here."

It's important to hear from someone who’s more competent than me that I’m moving in the right direction.

pm inveritasoft

My last thoughts were about our mission and everything you can’t touch but can feel. “How have you managed to create a company culture? To be the face of Ukraine sounds so right on. Are you organizing some training, or create focus groups for that?” The answer was even more pleasing than the question: "We do nothing to shape our culture. We look at who we are, what we do every day, what motivates us and write it all down.”

At the end of the year, it's so important to hear sincere words from those who don’t belong to our company. Everything I wrote above doesn't mean that we have no challenges, difficulties, or problems to overcome. It’s a part of the long road, called growth.

P.S. I’ve noticed that our company is now easily recognized among other companies in Lviv. How have I understood that? Just because other companies started hunting people who work at inVerotaSoft. I believe it’s a good sign.


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