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Digest: August 2019 - More About inVerita World
Digest: August 2019 - More About inVerita World
Values are the invisible basis of our relationships. This is something one should talk less about but live for.

... It was hard sometimes on a Sunday evening when everyone else was messing around playing table tennis or watching TV, to drag yourself out into the winter’s darkness and head off to get battered for two hours in the gym by some maniacal martial arts teacher. (c) Bear Grylls | “Mud, Sweat, and Tears”

We tend to shift our attention from the vision that inspires us to daily routines, so I decided to describe our vision again to newcomers as well as to those who’ve been walking with us so far.

First of all, it’s worth saying that our company has mission, values, goals, and moto. All of these components create our company vision. This is what we truly believe in, invest our time and finances in, and work on.

To Be the Face of Ukraine for the Rest of the World


We are not interested in considering inVerita solely as a business focused on numbers, metrics, or graphs. These are only important if there are higher goals. Each of us contributes to the image of Ukraine, by doing our daily job and having an appropriate attitude. When we meet our customers abroad, most of the time they ask about:

  • our approaches to solving problems in non-standard situations;

  • our genuine desire to grow the client’s business;

  • our mentality and willingness to be a partner, not a vendor;

  • our software quality and ability to keep up with deadlines.


All of these factors help us to show how easy it is to work with Ukrainian companies and how IT industries are developed here. Every Ukrainian who loves their country should support and serve Ukraine and our nation the way they can, using their abilities and talents.



Values are important for others to understand who we are and who we aren’t. Values are the invisible basis of our relationships. This is something one should talk less about but live for. inVerita has become transparent, because of people who work together and share common values.

Education and development


You can only develop if you are able to learn new things on a daily basis, aware enough to understand the need for new knowledge and mature enough to share your knowledge with others.

Perfection in every detail

The genius is hidden in details. Details are important in everything. Our principle is simple, one should work perfectly even if no one checks the quality of their work.

Christian values

Christian Values create a foundation of our company and we practice them in our daily relationships, to build a strong and corporate culture.

Scaling value for everyone


You can say a lot about the company's attitude towards employees on your first working day. It becomes even more noticeable after a year working at inVerita and on the last working day. The longer we go together, the more valuable we become to each other.

Something more than just money


The man will take with him only what he gave away. Each of us has the potential to make something significant that can improve the life quality of millions around the world. At inVerita, we are interested in everyone's success, by investing to reveal the potential of the employees. We can do a lot, but there’s a thing that only each individual can do. It’s having a deep passion and being ready to go extra mile.

inVerita philosophy

Respect towards people as well as interest in their personal and professional growth lay at the heart of our philosophy. "... it’s All About People" is the beginning of inVerita. It reflects our attitude towards everyone we work with. Whether you are an employee or a client, we value your personality first.

By reading this, I hope you’ll be able to understand inVerita world better. inVerita is each of us. If there’s no us, there’s no inVerita.

New Digest is coming soon, so stay tuned!


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...It`s all about People
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