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Digest: April 2019 - The Reason Behind Success
Digest: April 2019 - The Reason Behind Success
We at inVeritaSoft strive to be a community of people, who enjoy being together, share the same values and goals.

…The reason the human race has been so successful is not because we’re the strongest animals – far from it. Size and might alone do not guarantee success. We’ve succeeded as a species because of our ability to form cultures. Cultures are groups of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs. When we share values and beliefs with others, we form trust. (c) Simon Sinek | “Start with Why”

The success of the USA as a strong and self-sufficient society to a greater extent depends upon their ability to be a part of communities sharing similar values, interests, and goals. When living in the US you feel how tight those communities are thanks to the simple valuable things. Unfortunately, it’s not something we have in Ukraine. Usually, we cooperate if we have a common issue.

We at inVeritaSoft strive to be a community of people, who enjoy being together, share the same values and goals. I believe, that it is the way to build something significant.

“Start with Why” by Simon Sinek includes some thoughts about the reason why people do what they do. Why there are those who want to become rich and those who want to be influential. There always be two types of people.

  1. Those who say, “Eventually, it’s all about money.”

  2. Those who say, “Eventually it’s all about influence.”

Both are right because for them it’s either all about money or all about influence.

In this Digest, I want to share what happened in our company during the first quarter of 2019 and why those changes are important for us to move forward. All these things influenced us by making our company stronger.

#1 OKR

Let’s start from processes dealing with ОКR

During the 1-st quarter, we integrated ОКR into our plan among non-Development Departments and their teams. OKR integration requires a strong Team Leader and we are in a hunt for the one. Currently, we are incorporating a new system helping leaders to take responsibility for the niche development.

To simplify OKR philosophy and be on the same page we are planning to create a training series to showcase OKR benefits for employees in the second quarter.

  • we are planning to organize OKR training, together with a consultant who have already integrated ОКR in SoftServe company and also used it on his own projects.

  • we are to develop visual OKR system, available for our employees so that they could see strategic goals of a company for 5 years or less ahead, and also yearly goals for departments.

  • OKR books are available.

  • we are thinking about software integration so that OKR logic had metrics.

What’s the purpose?

If we are in a team with people who share the same goals and ready to move forward, I believe those bold goals can be reached.

#2 Mentorship. Updated format

Mentorship is a great tool to boost communication and growth. We started using a new mentorship format which is more profound and effective and delineates professional and non-professional branches.

mentorship at inveritasoft

Frankly speaking, we have more of those who wish to join our mentorship program than those who’d like to become a mentor and take responsibility. We’re not in a hurry. I believe we will see people come to our company who will be able to lead others according to professional and life goals.

#3 The strategy of Sales and Marketing

We are learning to think differently. That’s why we have so many changes, and it’s challenging. The road is long and though, but with the vision and energy we have in this department, we believe in unreal results.

#4 Opening office in Ivano-Frankivsk

Our landing forces are conquering new territories.

A step forward to our company development is to look for new opportunities in other cities and countries. And we’re open for that.

ivanofrankivsk office

We have incredibly courageous and adventurous people working here, they can fearlessly leave behind their comfort zone and step into the unknown, to get new experiences and amazing results.

In closing, thanks to my “genius”, but confusing foosball strategy I managed to win over our champion.


Therefore, our ex-champion got me a book, called “Who Moved My Cheese?”, as a gift.

The book features four characters: Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. It’s a long story to describe why have parents decided to give them weird names. The main point is that these characters had one common problem. The cheese they used to saw laying at a particular place, has been moved one day.

The book is short and easy to read. But it teaches us a very important lesson. We’ll encounter changes in our life, and our reaction should be appropriate.

I recommend reading this book and believe you’ll find it helpful in your life.


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