Patriot Transport Inventory
Patriot Transport Inventory
An inventory management system that administers even the most challenging logistics needs

Client Background

Patriot Transport Inc. is a Chicago-based departure carrier that specializes in logistics and transportation. The company operates a modern fleet of more than 240 tractor-trailers with four terminals in Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, and California.

Business Challenge

The main business challenge for Patriot Transport is the physical verification of the quantity and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse.
This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock, showing any discrepancies of stock information. Verification of stock can also determine a cutoff point (i.e. what was the inventory position of a company or organization at a specific point in time).

Project Description

Patriot Transport Inventory is a corporate, private inventory management system for tracking stock in every department of the company. The system consists of an Android mobile application and a web panel for viewing company-wide inventory reports. The web panel also has the ability to generate barcodes with unique inventory IDs.


Net Core 2.0, SQL Server, Mongo, EF, HTML5, SCSS, Angular 6, RxJs, ES6, TypeScript, Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Android SDK, and the Koin Cicerone and Anko libraries.

Value Delivered

The Patriot Transport Inventory application helps to create and maintain a complete record of the company's stock and property and minimize possible errors in accounting by using a barcode system. The developed reporting system helps the company to better plan its resources.

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