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Client Background

The MediaShout worship presentation suite from MediaComplete empowers churches of every size to present their worship lyrics and keynotes in a way that is honoring to God.
Their product has been on the market for almost two decades, helpingcommunities in 47 countries to grow and enhance their worship experience.

Business Challenge

It’s hard to build a high-quality presentation using only one tool. While modern approaches stress UX (user experience) and simplicity, it can be difficult to balance that with the functionality of a professional presentation suite.
We believe we have struck an excellent balance between usability and capability, allowing one person to control every media aspect of a church service. From the time that the audience or congregation comes in until the time they leave the building, lyrics, sermon points, announcements, etc. are all easily controlled and monitored from one computer.

Project Description

Sometimes, in order to incorporate cutting-edge technologies, a software product must be rewritten partially or entirely from scratch and rebranded. Our partnership with MediaComplete began with this process.
Creating a unique product for church communities pushed us to think out of box, leading us to even suggest to our client that they expand their market influence. By adding modular features, MediaShout can cover a larger target audience and offer high-tech solutions for creating presentations for gatherings and meetings, regardless of the topic or skills of those who create the presentations.

Value Delivered

The new, modular architecture we created allows MediaShout to operate in other major fields, serving different business models, enhancing their user experience, and extending their target audience.
The desktop application was remade from scratch with a completely new approach, and about half of the new ideas that were suggested from our side were successfully implemented. This includes not only an evolution of features, but also of methodology, approach, cooperation, support, being agile, and defining priorities.


.Net, WPF, MVVM, XAML, Prism, MSTest, Telerik.

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