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Teleportal Mobile_app
A mobile app solution that allows viewers to directly interact with their favorite TV shows

Client Background

Our client is a large, European media holding that is built upon the business model of international news greats like CNN, BBC World, Euronews, and others. With our client, you can ingest news and important information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
End-users can watch their TV shows, not only on television, but also online or on their phones using our client’s iPhone and Android applications.

Business Challenge

The television industry is currently facing a small crisis: most users of the current and next generations no longer watch TV, as they consume most of their media and other information online or on mobile devices. Mobile app solutions like Teleportal create a new bridge between media companies and their consumers, allowing them a new level of interaction that the younger generation expects
A personal challenge for our software development outsourcing company was that the initial version of the mobile application needed to be ready before the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

Project Description

TTeleportal Mobile App - a media application that allows users to interact with TV-shows and have an actual impact on the way a show progresses and evolves. For instance, when watching X-Factor, users are able to vote for their favorite singer.
Although this mobile app may spell the end of SMS voting, which had several advantages for advertisers, Teleportal actually provides more valuable marketing information for TV channels about its viewers: their age, TV shows that they often watch, their city location, email, etc. This allows the client to have a larger impact on users via advertisements and other marketing tools.


Crashlytics, EventBus, Butterknife, Dagger, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google + SDK, Firebase.

Value Delivered

This new mobile app solution tool actually allowed our client to expand their audience, giving them a greater appeal to the younger generation.
It both provides consumers the ability to vote for their favorite participants (singers, dancers etc.) during their favourite TV-shows, and also provides immense analytical value to the client, giving them beneficial information for marketing services, which is the basis of their monetization model.

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