Web Development Services For Your Business - Do You Need Them?

Web Development Services For Your Business - Do You Need Them?

August 5, 2018
by Roman Koss

What a brilliant thing the Internet is. You can start your own business, promote it and build a thriving company if you have the website of your business. And that's where the web development company comes in to assist your needs.

If you’re reading this, then you want a website built. This guide will explain why hiring a team of pros to do that is a great idea (or at least a half-decent one).

What Do Web Development Companies Do?

Let’s leave the “making your website top-notch” stuff to their marketers and cover bare facts.

  • Full Stack Development. These guys do everything from the ground up - build a back-end carcass and then spice it up with front-end visuals according to your concept and vision. All you have to tell them is what your website is for and what functionality should it include.
  • Concept Development Assistance. If all you have is just an idea, say it. If the Web Development team is right, they will suggest a range of solutions to match your goal and act upon your approval.
  • Maintenance. Many studios offer this by default. Once your website is up and running, they make it their duty to keep it that way and to respond to any unforeseen troubles along the way.
  • Mobile Version. If you need one (and you do, since more than 50% of views and sales are done via Mobile apps), they will adapt the desktop version to your needs.

How Much Do You Have To Pay For Web Development Services?

Price ranges vastly, depending on the complexity of the assignment, methods of web development, size, and stature of the web dev company and the number of people involved. Let's break down some of the most common scenarios.

  • One-page basic business website. It doesn't require a lot of planning, work hours or large web development teams - small studio or even a freelance developer should suffice. Based on whether you want an exclusive design built from the scratch or a smooth page that uses existing solutions, the price should vary from around $500 (you can find even cheaper options) to a few thousand, depending on who are you hiring and how difficult is to build a website you want.
  • E-Commerce Website. More functions, more complicated work to do, more difficult maintenance - the prices, again, vary greatly, but suitable options start from $1,200-1,500 and can go up to $5000 or even more.
  • Enterprise Website. Go big or go down, they say? A complex structure wrapped up in a jaw-dropping design. Starts from few thousands and can go up to even $50,000. Hiring a professional web development team is highly recommended for the best quality and perfect understanding of your business and how to present it.

cost of ecommerce website

Rough estimates of E-Commerce website cost, according to ExpertMarket.

Where Can You Find Web Developers For Your Business Website?

You are free to use any means necessary of striking a deal with skilled web developers. But let us try and suggest you some good options that may help along the way.

UpWork or Linkedin

Great place to seek talent who charge reasonably. These networks contain thousands of professionals who either work solo or represent a web development company. Set the filters, talk to people and you will find what you need.

Dedicated Databases

The Internet offers a vast choice of services that let you browse the teams and choose the most fitting professionals. Clutch or its alternatives may be your first step towards a brand new website.

Ask Yours Truly

Why bother wasting your time on searching the right people to do the job when we’re just one click away?

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