The Latest Mobile Development Technologies Interesting for Everyone

The Latest Mobile Development Technologies Interesting for Everyone

August 15, 2018
by Ihor Demedyuk

The era of mobile development technologies and mobile game development technologies is in full swing today. The total majority of our planet population have their own smartphones. Every phone user has its own individual needs and desires for the applications and games they want to install. Despite this, there are some recent new mobile development technologies trends that are currently relevant in the world. This article is for those who want to be aware of which the latest mobile development technologies will evolve in 2018 most of all.

New Mobile Development Technologies for You

The latest up-to-date innovations in mobile technology development are:

These general technologies provide creating of best mobile app games of today.

Programming language Dart

New and modern programming language helps programmers to create beautiful, high-quality mobile apps for Android, iOS, and WEB. Dart’s crucial advantages:

  • A client-oriented and optimized;
  • Has a lot of powerful frameworks;
  • Easy to use because of various flexible tooling;
  • Available libraries and ecosystem with thousands of ready to use packages;
  • Dart is a completely new standard and way of creating mobile apps from Google;
  • Relates to object-oriented languages ​​with syntax C-style.

Google Flutter

  • This technology is a UI framework for developing quality mobile software for iOS and Android using a single code base;
  • It allows to get access to API, SDK and native code adjustments, reuse JAVA;
  • This is a new participant in the development of cross-platform mobile applications. It uses Dart instead of JavaScript.

Kotlin programming language

  • Сomes from Java, using inheritance of its restrictions;
  • Kotlin is a revolutionary technology for Android, it reduces the weight of coding by compressing code;
  • Works over the JVM language that preceded her, but more excited, it’s the best of those ecosystems;
  • Uses Java libraries, but easier than it. The code is smaller and the result is reliable;
  • In 2018 we are waiting for new and fresh version of Kotlin.

Also, there are a lot of free and paid services which allow programmers to make changes in mobile apps and games, provide support, fix bugs and make different adjustments for customers and users. Every IT company in the world chooses different technologies for their projects. This makes a huge popularity for all languages and tools.

What about Another Well Known Mobile Development Technologies?

How do you think? Have the mobile application and games development technologies been changed from their appearance since today? Perhaps we still use proven technologies for development despite the world dynamic movement of the latest technologies and innovations. Do you know all the technologies that the greatest companies use to create a mobile app or game for you?

TOP 5 Major Technologies for Developing Mobile Applications

  1. Swift
  2. C ++
  3. Java
  4. HTML5
  5. PHP

Not every user is interested in whether all developers are updating their knowledge in new technologies of mobile application development, but clearly, all they want to have a quality product. Obviously, every IT company that invests in enterprise development will be diligent to teach and motivate its staff to create and develop quality software.

Interestingly, all these 5 major technologies for developing mobile applications are relevant and still in demand this year. All new and latest mobile development technologies are based on these 5 legendary technologies. But don’t worry, these programming languages and technologies are evolving! It is necessary for companies to fulfill the most ambitious desires of their customers.


  • Object-oriented programming language for mobile apps and games;
  • Still the most reliable and powerful programming language;
  • Not so easy, but this gives a possibility to build quality software;
  • The only language that is the official language for developing Android;
  • Has open source libraries to easily manage and adjust user selections.


  • Object-oriented programming language for mobile apps and games;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Gives the possibility to develop dynamic mobile games and other applications and addition databases.

C ++

  • The basis for the software development for mobile phones;
  • The closest relative Objective-C language (popular for Apple);
  • Today's latest mobile application development technology - Appcelerator and Mosync is an expanded form of C++.


  • Makes the task much easier for those who develop apps for iPhone, Mac and iPad users;
  • .Apple has created the Swift language and continually improves its syntax;
  • Minimal coding and excellent support.


  • HTML5 is an indispensable technology for creating an app interface for mobile devices;
  • The development of HTML5 never stops: successfully made a constant update of the markup interface and API programming.

Basic programming languages should often make improvements and updates because of the growing demand for technology expansion. Technological tools represented by various functions, such as development tools, support the reliability of the program. 2018 promises to be rich and promising in the development of mobile applications and games. Technologies are developing so fast that only the best companies have possibilities to keep up the wave. One of these companies is inVeritaSoft.

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