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GoodFirms interviews the COO of inVerita, Orest Hudsiy. With a focus on building Fintech and Logistics solutions, this family-owned enterprise has done wonders.

The interview begins by sharing information about the company, the services it provides and their vision. It is followed by the introduction of the COO and his roles at the company. Introducing inVerita, Orest says that they are a business for who their values, customer satisfaction, quality of services and employees’ growth matters the most. He also mentions that they are headquartered in Lviv Ukraine with offices in NewYork and Chicago.

Coming this role as COO, he says his responsibility includes sales and he even looks upon the delivery impact operations. Also, he says as the company grew with over 100 employees working for its growth today, he takes almost all kinds of obligations and commitments under his hat. No more can a client find in a leader of a company that one wishes to avail services from.

With a plethora of services that it offers its clients which include UI/UX, mobile app development, QA testing, and web development, it is no surprise to find inVeritaSoft enlisted among the top web development companies in Ukraine. This owes to its top web developers who grow each day with advancing technologies and creativity, thus leading  inVerita forward. Talking about the company’s web development services in the interview, Orest states that they take large time in understanding the requirements of their clients before beginning a project.

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Briefing about their web development services, Orest even mentions the platforms and technologies like .NET and Node.js that they use for backend development and Angular and React based frameworks that they leverage for the front end. Their in-house technology team also proves their best by dealing successfully with all kinds of web development services ranging from backend heavy to front end heavy by choosing the right platform.

In addition to web development, inVerita aces at web designing services. Researchers expected to find the company in the GoodFirms’ list of top web design companies globally, they do not stop praising its services. Also, in the interview with GoodFirms, mentioning about the arena and types of websites they design, Orest mentions that 99% of their websites are custom designed. They believe that each business is different and choosing a varied arena helps them learn more and deliver better. Coming to the platforms they choose for designing their websites, Orest states that they choose to build CMS over scratch rather than choosing any pre-built platform. This helps them fit into the specific needs of, particularly distinct projects.

Not only these, but there are also so many more aspects of the company looked upon during the interview. They include their business model, their costing structure, price range or jects, their maintenance services, and more to name. To know in detail about all these factors that lead the firm among the top companies referred by GoodFirms and why have a quick read of the full іnterview conducted by GoodFirms.

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