How much does mobile app development cost?

How much does mobile app development cost?

August 8, 2018
by Ihor Demedyuk

To set out a conversation on a new mobile app software development you need to finalize the following points:

  • Support for mobile platforms and devices – whether the app needs to be designed for iOS or Android, or both and the specific smartphones that the app will support;
  • Visual complexity - how developed should the visuals be inside the app is a significant contributor to the general cost;
  • Usage of a device hardware features – whether the functionality of the app needs a connection to the in-built features, e.g. GPS navigation, motion co-processor etc.
  • Social media sharing – whether the app will have Like/Share widgets;
  • Integration – whether the app will use other apps for content.

The higher expectations you have for these features, the more timeline it will take to build them, hence the raise of the budget.

Main stages to help calculate mobile app software development

Every development project is usually split into typical stages of work, that each have an estimated cost.

app development

Based on the analysis by Clutch resource of over a 100 app development companies, here are the average numbers for each stage. Main figures are the following:

Requirement gathering / Analysis

51% - manage to cover this point at $5k or less; 22% - go over that price.


60% - stay within $5k – 50k; 32% - spend less than $5k; few charge over $50k. Development

33% - evaluate it the range of $5k-10k; 25% - raise to $10k-20k only 9% - can manage for less than $5k.

Testing & Launch
32% - would do with less than $5k; 31% - require $10k-20k, the rest do not reach over $25k Maintenance directly depends on the period planned for it.

Doing the Math for mobile app software

Any estimation for either Android software development cost or IOS development is a lot about the location, since:

  • a US or Canada-based developer charge $50-250 an hour;
  • Europeans - $20-170/hour;
  • Indians rate about $10-80/hour.

The mobile app development for Apple devices is known to be higher in price, however many decide to create an iOS app and port it to Android later. This is most likely due to a bigger variety of devices for Google platform.

Overall, mobile app development has many factors to think over, but this careful consideration will lead to successful results.

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