8 fresh content ideas to improve your company's social media engagement

8 fresh content ideas to improve your company's social media engagement

September 26, 2018
by Andrew Denysov

If you’re planning to do it, then do it right. Making your brand, the company, visible for broader audience requires a healthy social media content boost. You need people to talk about your business, to interact with it and, the most important one, to generate revenue in the long term.

The days of limited use of the Internet are gone - now you have to become the master of it if you want your brand to succeed. We have searched all the corners and came up with an in-depth list: the top 8 brand engagement ideas to make your company shine on the web.

1. Get visual on your social media content pages

Regardless of your brand, you have to get people like it with their eyes. While text content is still an excellent way to pass the required information to the followers, visuals always do it better, where applicable. This means you have to be picky about the social media content you publish and the graphics that follow. Relevant info is valued any time of the day and pictures are the perfect tool to get the attention and persuade the casual viewer that the text above is worth reading.

Want to present a ton of statistics and its influence on the factors connected to your business? Create an infographic. Advertising your new event? Put everything into one picture - the date, topic, location, etc... The thing is, people hate reading plain text and prefer visuality. Use this to your advantage and make people spend more time on your pages on average.

2. Dynamic content is a proven brand booster

Posting pictures (even the most meaningful ones) gets dull over time. Get some action going with a video or GIF content. If you're serious about it (and have some budget to spare), go all-in and start producing videos with your brand. Camera, actors, product, music - you get a banger. More effort results in better quality content, which in turn raises the bar of awesomeness and makes a clear statement - here you will see the quality stuff, period.

Tight budget? Compile informative pictures and supply it with text in the video - you will get a 15-20 second slideshow that will deliver the information to your audience. GIFs serve the same purpose but may be better for a wider audience since it doesn't have the sound - meaning any person can watch it during work, commute or a loud party, for example.

3. Be funny. It defines social media, but don't try too hard

Smile always makes a conversation better, and content that is fun to comprehend is more likely to land you a new customer or interested follower. Jokes, memes, reactions to public events, this will appeal more to younger people, and more people will follow you because they can have a good laugh. And this is the perfect chance to promote your services and get a massive response.

But there's a pitfall. You have to consider your target audience and the specifics of the humor you should adopt. Marketers would have no interest in complicated technical jokes, same as programmers will hate you for posting casual stuff. The estimates are rough, but your brand has a niche, and you should stick to it. Burger King is the master of this. They manage to fit a decent joke into their niche and encourage followers to answer in just one tweet. image1

4. Throw out giveaways. Newcomers will swarm your social media pages

By far the most effective tool to rapidly boost your brand image across a broad audience. Ask your existing subscribers to share the giveaway post and leave a comment, for example. Sooner rather than later you will get a massive income from new potential customers, avalanche-style. The scale and speed depend directly on the value of the item you're giving away.

A downside to this method is its lack of further use if you're a small niche brand. You can attract thousands of new followers, but they'll be there just because you promised them something for free.

Majority of the newcomers will be inactive due to the same reason, and you risk to burden yourself with a lot of "dead wood" - tons of subscribers with minimal response. If you're confident that your brand is destined for global reach, go ahead and use this method regularly. People will start recognizing the company and be more inclined to use your services.

5.Boost brand image through responding to followers

This one looks obvious, but as the Internet shows, only a small percentage of companies present on social media use it. The thought process behind this is simple and looks somewhat like this:

  1. Your company offers a service;
  2. Customers want to know more or have problems using the stuff you offer;
  3. You answer the questions and provide even more valuable information.

Some choose to highlight only the positives and avoid critique, or worse, delete the comments that are highly negative about the brand. This is wrong.

By responding to the most unsatisfied clients, you kill two birds with one stone: people realize that you don't hide your problems, but try to solve them and explain the situation; people realize that you care about what they have to say.

Explaining the reason behind the issue that your brand is currently suffering may turn the situation upside down and make a vocal follower understand you and, sometimes, even try to help.

6. Ask what your target audience on social media thinks

Interaction is always great because it creates the feeling of being valued and increases overall engagement. The good thing is that you rarely need to stick to your niche 100%. You can go for plain "how is your day today?" to more complex questions that are related to what you do. Specific questions that require a lengthy and direct answer serve a much better job.

Facebook and Twitter are great places to apply this step, since not only your followers see the answers and original post, but their friends as well. Better visibility means more significant chance to attract more people to the conversation and the network will spread further, promoting the brand far and wide, for absolutely free.

Such interaction also has a vital function of turning the followers into an autonomous community. Answers follow the questions and opinions vary - people will discuss the topic among themselves, thus boosting your brand's visibility to other people further.

7. Interact with other businesses and brands on social networks

The ideal way to do this is to target a brand page that covers the same or a related niche to yours. Use tags, hashtags, comment sections and so on - start a discussion with your market rival or comment on their actions in fun (yet non-aggressive) way. Do whatever it is relevant to what you're trying to sell and reap the benefits.

The biggest plus of this move is exposing your company to other interested users that are following the competitors and winning their attention.

When the time is right - you can aim for everything and everyone, not just your niche competitors. Proper timing is crucial here since it can show people that you are fun and, hey, you exist. Arby’s managed to get 10,000 comments by just hilariously tagging Pharrell Williams after Grammys in 2014. Timing, humor, brand boost - everything is perfect on this screenshot. image2

8. Use social media polls to your advantage

Polls are a fantastic tool for many reasons. First and foremost, it allows to get people engaged and raise activity on your social media pages. The only requirement for the users is to click the button they want and to make their opinion public (people love that, and we love using it).

You can make people feel like they belong to your brand by asking their opinion on the services they like the most and those they want to be implemented further. Polls give you the feedback that, after thorough processing, becomes a massive guideline on the direction you should take to reach new heights.

A nice feature is to mix voting with commenting by leaving the "Other answer" in the poll and asking the voters to elaborate. You will get the direct feedback from the survey and a more in-depth opinion from your comment section. New development vectors are halfway done (don't forget that friends of the commentators can still see their actions).

How To Make Social Media Engagement Work?

This list is only a short version of the most common stuff you can do to boost your brand image and raise the engagement. These means are useful separately, but they can skyrocket your brand if done during the same period.

Mix visual content with polls, ask opinion from your subscribers, answer them, message other brands and so on. Remember, the primary task of brand engagement is to become as visible and transparent as possible, and such a result can only be achieved when people talk about your software development company.

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