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At least 3 years of experience in React.
Experience in the latest versions of React.
Experience in Typescript, Hooks, Storybook, Jira.
Should be familiar with code review and automated testing.
You will develop new software that could potentially be used by millions.
This is a great chance to use the latest version of React.
Perfect opportunity to work in a big, corporate environment with well organized projects. A great resume builder for those looking to get into large American companies.
This is a place that values strong engineering and will be a place where someone can learn and grow, where quality and progress are valued.
This is a great environment for someone who loves high quality engineering and wants to work with an extremely talented team on products that will be used extensively by other really great engineers.
This is not a super hard project. No engineer will burn out on this project.
Project description:
This project is for a large healthcare company that needs a component library that many different, diverse software dev teams will use throughout the company. There are more than 100 projects in action at the company at any given time, and most of these will be using frontend components from this library. The project will be developing new components for the library and working with some existing components as well. The project will use the newest version of React and handle dependencies too.
Benefits and social package:
The ability to choose a work schedule based on two-three options, depends on your project/position.
Career and professional development opportunities: professional courses, trainings, mentorship program.
The ability to combine Remote/Office work.
Grammar and vocabulary English courses, provided from the start of Your cooperation with inVerita.
Partial compensation of professional literature from
Partial compensation of the gym membership.
The compensation of regular massage therapy.
Leisure activities – at inVerita you will find different opportunities for socializing.
Access to the internal library.
Relocation Package
Alina Paduka
Alina Paduka
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